Actual Impact

Actual Impact


What will Coach Mentoring give me?

ICF (International Coach Federation) coach mentoring is immensely helpful for aspiring and practicing coaches. It provides a structured platform for skill refinement, ethical guidance, and continuous professional development. Through mentorship, coaches gain valuable insights, receive constructive feedback, and build confidence, ultimately enhancing their coaching effectiveness and client relationships.

Guided reflection on your coaching practice against the ICF Core Competencies

Time to consider your strengths and ‘even better if’s…’ and how those impact on the coachee’s experience

Safe space to clarify your skill and capability as a coach

Opportunity to realign your coaching practice to the ICF Core Competencies

Develop actions to increase your coaching competency

Completion of ICF requirements for all coaches who want to achieve or renew their credential

What happens in a Coach Mentoring Session?

Step 1

Coach and Mentor agree contract, logistics and clarify what the coach wants from the mentoring experience

Step 2

Coach records a coaching session with client

Step 3

Mentor and coach review recording against 8 ICF Core Coaching Competencies

Step 4

Feedback, guidance, advice and coaching is provided to the coach from the mentor and/ or coach peers within a group

Step 5

Written feedback provided to coach from mentor

ICF Coach Mentoring



1-2-1 Mentoring

when booked as a block
  • Tailored and on a date/ time that works for you
  • 10 hours (5 x 2hr sessions)

Group Mentoring

  • Maximum Group of 4
  • 7 hours (Session 2 x 3.5hrs)
  • Plus 1-2-1 Mentoring x 3 hours (2 x 1.5 hr sessions)
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