Maximise your career success with the right tools, skills, mindset and support.

Do you ever:

  • Look at people in senior roles and think ‘I can do that! Why am I not in a role like that?’
  • Feel that you have no choice and are completely stuck in your career
  • Know that you could do much more in your career if you were able to influence and communicate more effectively;
  • Feel too afraid of failing to ever go for that role that you’ve always wanted.

You will receive tailored coaching to address your specific career progression needs including clarifying your ideal role, identifying your network, career research, assessment preparation and practice.

“I’ve had the pleasure of expert coaching from Olivia and would strongly recommend signing up.” 

Charlie, Business Development Manager,  Professional Services


Leaders in business and organisations need to be focussed on strategy, brand, reputation, individual growth, own development, leading by example, building diversity, demonstrating an ethical approach and managing health and energy.  These are all crucial areas of leadership but how do you prioritise, maintain focus and manage your ‘de-railers?’

Coaching is recognised on an international level as a key learning and reflection tool for leaders in private and public sector organisations.  Keep your mind focussed and gain ongoing clarity through coaching to be that professional, calm and engaging leader that you wish you always had!

” … her calm and caring approach has helped me feel in control of my life and future. Her professionalism and understanding is second to none.”   Leo, Operations Director, Insurance

“Olivia has gone above and beyond in her role as coach, encouraging and championing from the sidelines and helping me build confidence to set and meet targets and juggle multiple, competing work and life priorities.” 
Ash, Business Owner


Career Coaching

Are you constantly promising yourself that you will:

  • find time to get healthier
  • be less stressed and calmer
  • achieve work life balance
  • find time to do what you really want to do
  • be more confident

Coaching that specifically concentrates on your well-being will give you the self-worth to create positive habits and embed useful, enabling beliefs.  Get outside and enjoy the fresh air while your coach supports you to create change and to truly find happiness and contentment.

“Olivia has been extremely flexible to meet when and where suits – the option to do walking sessions meant getting fresh air and exercise.”
Jo, Architect